Happiness Club

The ICD-led initiative known as the Happiness Club was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting employee engagement, well-being, and overall happiness within ICD and its affiliated entities. Over the years the club has grown to become a thriving community of over 61,000 members and 31 member companies. Throughout the course of 2022, the Happiness Club organised a diverse array of social events that aimed to bring employees together and promote a culture of happiness. The events included a video blog competition, a golf championship, an art championship, a bowling championship, a Happiness Club Award event, and a Happiness Club Champions Award event.

A custom-built application called the Happiness Club App was also developed and launched in 2022 to enable employees to easily access the benefits of the Happiness Club. The App provides members with access to over 3,000 offers, as well as information on the various championships and events organised.