Environmental, Social & Governance

As a corporation with a mission to create wealth and long-term value, with a focus on sustainability, our impact is rooted in promoting the development of better businesses through responsible ownership considering a broad range of stakeholder issues.

The adoption of an effective Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) framework is critical to ensuring alignment between our vision and our actions.


By incorporating ESG considerations into our processes, we believe that we can make better investment decisions and associate ourselves with like-minded partners.

We seek to improve the performance of our investments by focusing on ESG issues that are likely to have an impact on their long-term success. We are committed to economically and socially sustainable development, as we believe it makes the companies in our portfolio more robust and contributes to enhanced long-term returns.

Across the ICD portfolio, we seek to advocate for good corporate governance as we believe it promotes transparency, protects our rights as a shareholder and contributes to long-term value creation. ICD itself maintains a robust corporate governance framework via our internal boards and committees (please see section 2 on ICD’s Governance).

ICD supports, at its offices, a variety of environmental initiatives including the use of energy-efficient lighting, water conservation, recycling, reducing waste and the use of videoconferencing facilities. As a recent illustration of our focus on environmental matters, ICD Brookfield Place, a 53-storey premium office building (developed by a joint venture between ICD and Brookfield Property Partners) that opened in Dubai in 2020 includes 140,000 sqft of green space and was awarded the prestigious LEED Platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, becoming the tallest and largest office building in the Europe & Middle East region to achieve this rating – taking its place among the top 20 largest LEED Platinum projects in the world.

ICD has a multi-cultural, diverse working environment with over 20 nationalities, and as at 31 December 2020 we had a ratio of 64%: 36% male to female employees.

ICD also supports a number of CSR initiatives (please see section 8 on Corporate Social Responsibility) and encourages staff to engage in physical and mental well-being activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ICD’s approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) reflects the values that we have as an organisation that are aimed at ensuring we are, and remain, a good corporate citizen. Excellence, Commitment, Sustainability, Integrity and Respect are our core values and represent the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable in relation to everything we do that has an impact on society around us.

ICD focuses its CSR activities in the areas of education and innovation. By doing so, we are making valuable contributions to the continuing development of a learning and empowered society for the benefit of our stakeholders. We acknowledge our responsibility as a corporate citizen and seek to make a difference through our various CSR activities and priorities.


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Master of Laws in International Business Law

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