Dubai Cable Company (“Ducab”) was founded in 1979 and is jointly owned by ICD and (through Senaat, Abu Dhabi). Ducab is one of the UAE’s largest manufacturing businesses and is a global leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of copper and aluminium wire and cable products. Having added overhead conductors to its portfolio with the establishment of Ducab Aluminium Company (“DAC”), today Ducab works with customers around the world.

The company’s business portfolio includes:
• Ducab Cable and Wire;
• Ducab High Voltage; and
• Ducab Metal, which comprises DAC and Ducab Copper Rod Plant.

Ducab Group serves customers worldwide in the fields of energy, general construction, oil and gas, renewables industrial, defence, rail transport, marine, mining, and other speciality industry verticals.


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  • Number of facilities
  • Facility built-up area
    880Thousand sqft
  • Heavy voltage/ Extra-high voltage annual production

    • Local market — 75%
    • Export market — 25%
    10Thousand metric tons
  • Copper and aluminium rod annual production

    • Local market — 30%
    • Export market — 70%
    230Thousand metric tons
  • Country presence

Last updated, the year ended 31 December 2019

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