Emirates Global Aluminium

Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) is the world’s largest ‘premium aluminium’ producer. Jointly owned by ICD and Mubadala Investment Company, EGA is the largest non-oil industrial company in the UAE. EGA operates aluminium smelters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, an alumina refinery in Abu Dhabi, and a bauxite mine in the Republic of Guinea.

Around 10 per cent of EGA’s production is sold domestically to UAE companies making products from car parts to electricity transmission cables for local and global markets. The aluminium sector, with EGA at its heart, is estimated to account for approximately 1.4 per cent of the UAE’s GDP. The sector is estimated to support over 60,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs within the UAE.

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  • Cast metal production annually
    2.5+Million tonnes
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