Dubal Holding

Dubal Holding is the wholly owned subsidiary through which ICD invests in EGA. Dubal Holding owns around 19 per cent in Sinoway Carbon Company Ltd, a Calcined Petroleum Coke production facility in China’s Shandong Province and in 2020, Dubal Holding acquired a 60 per cent stake in OSE Industries LLC, an operational specialised aluminium extrusion company in the UAE.

Dubal Holding’s current project portfolio includes the development of a Power Plant and Reverse Osmosis Plant at EGA Jebel Ali along with MDC Power Holding Company, a part of Mubadala. The new facilities will improve the power efficiency of EGA’s aluminium smelting, reduce environmental emissions and natural gas consumption.

Dubal Holding is also leading the development of the world’s largest Waste to Energy facility in Warsan, Dubai. The project envisages the treatment of around 1.9 Million tonnes of solid waste per year to generate around 200MW of electricity that will be fed to the local grid.

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Last updated, the year ended 31 December 2019

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